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For over four decades Joe Chaplain has been making music as a solo artist, bandleader and producer, writing and recording songs and creating scores for film and television. His many studio and live albums have garnered many fans. Joe has the gift of “one of the great voices” of popular music. From Detroit to Chicago, from San Francisco to Sonoma, and now located in Santa Cruz, California, Joe Chaplain continues to delight audiences with music.

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Love Wins: Music Matters

“For me it all boils down to this: music is the expression of the inexpressible. It is so much more than words and concepts. Connecting with the hearts and minds of all kinds of people through live performance is what I live for.” – Joe Chaplain

Joe’s published recorded works include “Cremora: the Musical” (vinyl LP 1970; reissued on CD 1995), “The Empyreal Ballet” (with Window, LP 1977), “Addiction/I’m Writing it Down” (with Bay of Pigs, 45 single 1979), “Live at Target” (with Factrix, vinyl LP 1980), “Empire of Passion/Splice of Life” (with Factrix, 45 single 1980), “Scheintot” (with Factrix, vinyl LP 1981), “First Strike” (with The Atom Smashers, vinyl LP 1986), “The Adventures Of Joe Chaplain Volume 1: Jump Your Heart” (Solo CD album, 2005), “The Adventures of Joe Chaplain Volume Two: Icarus” (Solo CD Album, 2008), “Live at the Barking Dog” (The Joe Chaplain Band, CD Album 2009), “Bad Dog!” (The Joe Chaplain Band, CD Album 2010), “Sugar Harvest Moon Mountain” (The Joe Chaplain Band, CD Album 2011), “The Adventures of Joe Chaplain Volume Three: Catch the Angels” (Solo CD Album, 2018). Joe has also collaborated on works with LAFMS, the Doo-Dooettes, The Atom Smashers, Monte Cazazza, Laura February Strange, Bear Olson and others.

Joe’s original songs have won a number of awards including the Billboard International Songwriting Contest and the John Lennon Songwriting contest. 


And Now Here Comes BCE: the Bear Chaplain Extravaganza…

Joe Chaplain and Bear Olson began collaborating on live music performance at the end of 2018. See the current calendar of 2019 performances here.




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